F of X 2019- India's First Creative Forest Festival

21st February - 24th February, 10:00 AM

Jim Corbett National Park, Station Road, Shivlalpur Pandey, Nainital, Uttarakhand, India

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About Event

Embrace Creativity in the Heart of the Jungle- F of X Creative Forest festival

Is the creative fire inside of you not burning as brightly as it used to? If so, how would you like to attend a 4-day festival that not only helps you grow your creative energy but takes place in the middle of the forest?

Take part in F of X Creative Forest Festival- a 4-day event that will be held in the forest of Jim Corbett National Park. Starting from the 21st of February’19 and ending on the 24th of February, this experience will help you in amplifying & improving your creative energy, finding yo creative voice and prosper in the company of fellow creative folks.

Professionals and attendees from different walks of life and different industries- Founders, Professionals, Rusty Creators, Corporate Misfits and explorers from Art, Music, Design, Fashion, Film, Food, Photography, Tech and genres that are yet to be defined- will all be there.

What makes this event unique is that it’s a very holistic experience, helping you not only enhance the creativity in your mind but also your heart, body and soul. Experience other creative forces, both in a conference setting or in the open at 2 am over a cup of hot coffee.

This is not an event, it’s an experience. One that you cannot & should not miss.

What do you get out of this event

  • Incredible Group of People to hangout & brainstorm with
  • Learnings & Insights from Creative Leaders
  • Membership of an always growing collective. You will become part of the festival tribe, getting access to creators from different editions.
  • A Creative Intervention that will help you fine-tune your gameplan, to grow your creative journey.


  • A 3Night, 4Day stay at a resort inside the forest. Separate rooms for girls & guys, unless specifically requested otherwise.
  • Access to all sessions, workshops & magic at fofx.
  • Comfortable buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner on all the days.


  • Come as a Trio - INR 23,000 PP
  • Come as Duo - INR 25,000 PP
  • Come Solo - INR 27,000 PP
    All costs are per person. Costs are all inclusive of stay, food, experiences, activities, sessions & workshops.

Limited seats left so book now! To make a booking, click on the "Official Ticket Site" Button.

About the Organiser

The Experience Co is Travel Rethought. We design journeys & interventions for creators, doers & influencers that make things happen. Our projects are attended by entrepreneurs, professionals & creators from Art, VR, Music, Design, Tech, Films, Photography, Food, Events and more.

Our projects have enabled over 100 collaborations between creators from across the world in the past 4 years.

f(x) is designed by the folks at the Experience Co. // the creators behind Beachhouse Project - India’s first residency for creative entrepreneurs & Roadtrip Experience Project - World’s first generative travel experiment to create while on a road trip.

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Jim Corbett National Park, Station Road, Shivlalpur Pandey, Nainital, Uttarakhand, India

Start Time

21 February 2019 - 10:00 AM

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